The Bat Cave

I was recently walking with a friend who just returned from a trip to Texas. She told me the story of her visit to the bat caves in Texas, that are home to over 80,000 (or more!) bats. They gather here together, and, being very social animals, as they travel around, spread the word so to speak, to other bats, who also come back and gather at this one cave. When visitors are near the cave at dusk, all of sudden, beautiful waves of bats, seas of black, begin to make their way across the sky in unison. 

If you've ever been in a closed space with a bat, (2001, college dorm hallway!) you have seen how frantic the flight of a bat can be, how massive their wing span, how fast they can zoom back and forth. And here is my friend, describing to me the beauty and calm of massive groups of bats. 

It got me thinking about our yoga practice. The way we often flutter through our crazy days, jumping from activity to activity, calls, meetings, commitments, and then all land quietly and peacefully in the space of the yoga studio, move our bodies in unison, and walk out calm and free.

The deep quiet darkness of the yoga practice, the savasana, and then the spreading of our wings as we head back into the world. I might just start calling the studio the bat cave. We gather together, we gather into the darkness, and then we move into the sky!